Evolution of QCPP – Preparing for the change journey ahead

The Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) is undergoing significant enhancements via Quality Care 2020 and it is vital that pharmacies are across these improvements.

QCPP is a quality assurance program focused on improving pharmacy services for the community. The program provides a framework for community pharmacies to provide quality, safe and consistent professional services and consumer care.

Quality Care 2020 will align the quality management requirements with the latest Australian quality accreditation standards. Currently, over 94% of local pharmacies across Australia meet the Australian quality accreditation standards.

Pharmacy Connect 2019 will host a session to inform delegates of the Quality Care 2020 changes ahead, to enable pharmacies to plan and prepare for 2020 and beyond.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s National Councillor, Nick Panayiaris said that Quality Care 2020 will enable pharmacies to meet the quality management framework in a more agile way whilst assuring the highest level of quality and safety for consumers.

“Over the past two years, the development of the enhanced Quality Care 2020 Program has been focused on not only achieving continuous improvement internally but ensuring the highest levels of consumer focused care through a quality framework,” Nick said

“The feedback and collaboration across so many levels to achieve this outcome means that Pharmacy is not only ready for any future changes or disruptions but the program itself is contemporary, relevant and best practice.

“It will provide the assurance of quality to those that deliver the service and more importantly the confidence to the community that we serve that we are meeting the highest levels of safety for them.”

QCPP’s National Manager, Chloe Hennessy said the reform has been informed by an environmental scan of the industry’s opportunities and pressures to develop a best practice approach to quality management.

“Quality Care 2020 has captured the best practice approach to quality, safety, business operations, pharmacy services and clinical governance. I’m confident that these changes to the QCPP will continue to deliver the mark of quality for the health community and our industry,” Chloe said.

“We have collaborated with many people across the profession and mapped our new path with an eye to supporting ongoing industry innovation.”

The session, ‘Evolution of QCPP – Preparing for the change journey ahead’ is being held on Saturday 7 September from 2.45pm at Pharmacy Connect.

With less than three weeks to go, time is running out to register for Pharmacy Connect. For more information on this session and to register for Pharmacy Connect, visit www.pharmacyconnect.com.au.

Pharmacy Connect will be held from 5-7 September at the Hilton Sydney.