7CPA, health budgets and Government priorities

Chair of the Guild’s Pharmacy Viability Committee and Guild Vice-President Professor Trent Twomey will update delegates on the Guild’s campaign to Fix the System – arguing for full scope of practice and the 7CPA negotiations. The Fix the System campaign is built on a major piece of market research from the CT Group.

CT’s Head of Research Dr Mike Turner will present findings from this research about full scope of practice and other hot pharmacy topics.

Dr Turner was pivotal in the Liberal Party’s research program in the 2019 Federal Election campaign – which was ultimately successful. Unlike other pollsters in 2019, CT’s research was reported to be extremely accurate.

Dr Turner will brief Pharmacy Connect delegates on public support for full scope of practice, trust in the pharmacy profession, and support for greater government funding.

“Pharmacists are the most visited health professional and are highly trusted by the Australian public,” he said.

“But there are obvious challenges in the health system with a growing and ageing population. The public recognise this trust alongside the training pharmacists have.

“This can be leveraged into utilising pharmacists’ skills in reducing some of these pressures by practising at full scope.

“We also examined the breakdown of what people are comfortable seeing a pharmacist about and what they’d prefer dealt with by a GP,” Dr Turner said.

Professor Twomey and Dr Turner will present at 8:30am on Friday 6th September at Pharmacy Connect after the Secretary of the Department of Health, Glenys Beauchamp.