The evidence for a full scope of pharmacy practice

Pharmacy Connect is proud to host prominent international pharmacy leader Prof Ross Tsuyuki from the University of Alberta in Canada, who will present on pharmacists practising at full scope.

For several years, there has been much discussion about pharmacists’ scope of practice. Injections, prescribing and laboratory testing, among other services, have been termed expanded, advanced, or enhanced scope of practice activities.

The terms we use to describe our profession are important – expanded scope and similar terms suggest that these are luxuries/ upgrades, optional or exceptional.

But we know from prodigious evidence that these services improve patient outcomes and are desired by patients (who should be entitled to receive them).

Full-scope pharmacist services include all proactive and comprehensive interventions that prevent or manage illness and are within an individual’s competency to perform independently. It’s time to give up on “expanded scope” and recognize full scope as the new standard.

Prof Tsuyuki is a strong advocator for pharmacists focusing exclusively on patient-centred care, with a mission to change the way pharmacists practice and the way pharmacy is perceived.

For more information on this must-attend session, download this article co-authored by Prof Ross Tsuyuki.

When: 10.00am – 10.45am, Saturday 7 September